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Based on Proven Strategies supported by over 35 years working with the business community and the latest peer-reviewed Research into making companies operationally sound. The Business MRI Assessment is a view into your company’s soul, what makes it tick, what makes it successful and what is holding you back. Over forty years of hands-on experience and significant research into business processes, valuation and long-term success has gone into producing the Business MRI methodology.

Your Brand

Your Vision, Mission and Brand Promise are what sets you apart from the competition. They must be taught, communicated and lived every day. This is the core of “Why” you are in business.

Your Customers

Organizations that understand and manage their customers' experience reap enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and a related increase in employee satisfaction.

Your Processes

Process assessment is an ongoing responsibility of the organization and should include multiple feedback loops to include stakeholders, staff, and customers

Your Employees

Your employees are your most important asset and they must understand your brand promise which clarifies what the brand stands for and be able to communicate it to your customers and prospects.

Your Internal & External Communications

Strategy execution at all levels — corporate, business unit, key initiatives — requires internal and external communications with clarity, discipline, honesty, agility and a repeatable framework. Do you have your communications leading your company?

Your Financials

Managing via your financials is a crucial next step for many small to mid-sized companies. How far have you gotten in managing with your financials?

Your Sales Management

Do you have a dedicated Sales Staff? Planning on one? The step from the CEO being the chief sales person to a dedicated Sales Staff is often problematic. Where are you?

Your Innovation

Are you gearing up your company to innovate? Do you have a culture of innovation? Are you looking at your competition each month to check their progress and changes? Innovation management should be on your and your staff's top of mind.

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