You can Accomplish Amazing Things with Little or No Money

by Ronald K. Wills

Life Lessons from Turnarounds and Non-Profits

This could be one of my most valuable Life Lessons learned. Coming from the for-profit world, everything costs money. Any change is calculated in cost, time cost, labor cost, etc. When working with a non-profit or when you are in a turnaround situation, there is never enough money or resources. You have to make due with what you have.

Lack of resources forces you to become creative. Leveraging technology in several companies, we were able to communicate inexpensively. We drove involvement of our staff in every way to have an impact on the bottom line and that involvement led to an amazingly successful turnarounds.

In one non-profit, within a two year span, we had set the stage for a massive capital raise and our constituency was prepared for our ask, and ask we did. With minimal dollars invested, our Campaign netted over four times the original Campaign projections collecting $13.75 million which provided the funds to rebuild the institution and put it back on track to becoming one of the most successful non-profits in the region. There is much to learn working with scarce resources that can benefit small business owners in growing their firms without breaking the bank.